Things To Look For Before Opening Your Own Business

Small and Medium Enterprises have a major role in economic growth in the country. In addition, by starting a small business like this, you also create jobs for others. you don’t need to worry if need more capital, because you can get a loans tips through

Consumers are the main things that must be considered by businesses as they are the lifeblood in all businesses. Consumers also the one who gave you the turnover of your company in order to keep moving. The old adage says, “business will not work without something is sold” is very true for businesses.

There are many ways you can do to retain and attract new customers. One is as below.

In starting a business, you need to start spreading the business expand so that more people know. You do this by advertising. The place and the media can be anything, such as local newspapers, radio ads, brochures were sent from home to home, personal website pages, classified ads and so forth.

– Promotion
Many businesses are on sale at the beginning of building a business. Typically, promotions conducted using coupons or gift directly if it reaches a purchase at a certain price. The effectiveness of such programs depends on target customer and prizes awarded.

– Brochures from house to house
Distributing flyers with the way from home to home can be effective and efficient. It is most widely practiced in the early days you build a business with the target consumer society.

– Discounts
The most classic way to hook and retain consumers. So that you do not really lose in giving discounts, try to have special requirements in advance. One effective way is with the proviso that if the consumer successfully bring prospective buyers will be given a discount. Thus, gradually the number of customers you will always grow.

– Patented Brand
With patented brand, then the presence and reputation of your products will be increased in the eyes of consumers. It is widely used by large companies but also can be effective for small businesses if they can. Unfortunately, this tends to be an ongoing process and the cost is quite expensive.

– Consumer Services Section
By providing customer service department is important for all businesses. If not enough resources, the business owner can concurrently this position. Importantly, complaints and customer satisfaction can be detected. But be careful, the way consumers communicate with the customer service can make or destroy the image of the company.

– Network
Develop a network can lead to increased consumer. How, you may participate in the exhibition or join an association. In an association you can share experiences and find new ideas.


Designing and building your own business is very important in promoting the national economy. Companies that you can wake up job opportunities for many people. Although the role is very important, it does not mean running the company itself was easy. But, with a few tips above you are expected to survive and grow well.