The Microsoft XBox One X Is Here!

With Sony releasing its mid-cycle upgrade to the PS4, the PS4 Pro, many analysts predicted that it was only a matter of time before Microsoft followed suit. And true to their predictions, the XBox One X has been announced.

Due to ship starting 7 November 2017, this addition to the XBox lineup truly rings the death bell for the traditional console upgrade cycle. But who is the product aimed at and is it worth the mid-cycle upgrade?

Traditional consoles see a lifecycle of about five to seven years. That is, if you buy a brand new console today, you can expect that it will be supported by the manufacturer and game developers for around five to seven years. This has been the case since Sony began with Playstation updates.

However, as audio visual technology outside of the console sphere leaps forward, consoles manufacturers can no longer afford to wait so …

How to Take Your Career to the Next Level

Most career advice is all very simple and general. It reiterates information that everyone knows and should be following in any professional environment anyway. It all washes out to work hard and put your best foot forward. But that is not going to do anything more for you than possibly getting your foot in the door. If you want to move up into management, then you will need specific information from skilled professionals who can tell you what to do if you want to go here, to a level that they have already achieved.

Working as part of a team is always important but you want to make sure that you are an integral and indispensable part of that team. You need to become the resource that everyone relies on and the person who never turns down a request. You need to be willing to take on the big …